Fondant Cake

My friend wanted to order a cake for her boss who was an avid golfer. We worked to make his cake special. Here's hoping he enjoyed the cake as much as we enjoyed designing it. Happy Birthday Michael!

Doggy Cake

A Birthday Cake for Orlly, a Schnauzer.

Chocolate Cake

Birthdays for twins are pretty special events and we had the opportunity to make a cake for this special celebration. Their mum told us that both sisters were chocoholics, so it was a perfect excuse for us to make our famous chocolate cake. We covered the cake with chocolate ganache and topped it with chocolate shavings. Happy Birthday Orla and Jael!

Fondant Cake

A good friend wanted a simple birthday cake for her hubby. We knew he loved watching soccer but could not identify the team he supported without tipping him off. So, we settled on a soccer ball design instead. The base of the cake was traditional Christmas fruit cake and the ball was made of chocolate cake. We understand that the husband loved the fruit cake and the son enjoyed the chocolate cake.

Penang Famous Cempedak Cake

Enjoy a tantalizing sensation like no other when you bite into our gorgeously golden, fragrant and buttery cempedak cake. One of our bestsellers!

Fondant Cake

A gift from a best friend as a surprise. Her best friend loves 'Me To You' Bear and pastel colors. So we decided to make it simple and sweet with light pink & baby blue base with a 'Me To You Bear' sitting on top of the cake!