Fondant Cake

Moo-Moo Cow Fondant Birthday Cake.


What could be better than a medical themed cupcakes to show appreciation for all the hardworking doctors and nurses ya. It is a much sweeter way to express your gratitude than words alone.

Fondant Cake For Furkid

Wow! One dog year already? Birthday fondant cake for a furkid : ). Since all our cakes are baked from scratch, we can adjust the ingredients needed to suit our special canine friends. Happy Woofday Pumpkin!

Babies are God's gift to us, cuddly and cute. This cake is for a baby shower to welcome Baby Kaylee. Congratulations and welcome Kaylee. The pram is carved from cake and as they say, you can teach an artist to  bake cake but you can't teach a baker to be an artist so this is my way of getting out of my baker's comfort zone and try to step into my sister's shoes. (My sister is the sugar artist while I am the baker :))

Little Mermaid Fondant Cake

This sweet birthday girl waited 2 years for this cake. Why? Well, back in the day when I was just starting out and only bake gourmet cakes, her mummy called to order a Little Mermaid fondant cake but at the time my talented, artistic sister was not on board yet so with a heavy heart I had to decline. Happy to say, my sister is on board now and special thank you to Ru Jie's mummy for all the support as well as the confidence she have in us.

Fondant Cake

Birthday cake and cupcakes for a 93 year old lady.

Mother's Day Cakes

Fondant cakes for Mother's day.

Fondant Cake

A Snow White themed birthday cake for sweet Stephanie.

Fondant Cake

Birthday fondant cake for a five year old girl born in the year of cute pig.

Fondant Cakes

Birthday fondant cake for a Bugs Bunny fan.


Birthday cupcakes.


Another cookie idea.


Cookie idea for a sales blitz.


We had to follow a strict code on color and had to have peaches for longevity. This is for feng-shui purposes. 

Cupcakes for Birthday

The request was for something simple.

Wedding Cake

Wedding fondant cake with accompanying cupcakes. 

Happy Customer

It's times like this that I feel that all the love and hard work we put into our baking has made a difference : ). 

Gift Basket

This was a gift basket that we did for a MNC client for CNY. The client requested for our cookies due didn't want it to be similar to what was available outside. During CNY, we also have other type of cookies such as Fruity Cornflakes, Almond Cookies, Ribbon Biscuit and Seaweed Crispies.

Pineapple Rolls

Best melt in the mouth pineapple rolls from Penang! Makes a great gift.We sell the whole year through.


All our cheesecakes are baked in traditional baking methods. Our cheesecakes are light in texture but imparts a creamy smoothness in taste. All you need is a fork and a healthy appetite to savour the cheesecake with friends and family.

Homemade Brownies

Moist, fudgy and melting chocolatey goodness comes to mind when you taste one of our delectable homemade brownies. Topped with delicious chocolate ganache is our idea of chocolate heaven. Cutting brownies into smaller pieces and stacking them is a way to share them with your friends. Brownies can also be served with any ice-cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries and mint.

Freshly Baked Apple Crumble For Sale

Hi Everyone. Our best homemade apple crumble are ready for orders. Sandwiched between a tender delicious crust and crunchy crumble topping are sweet apples, hint of cinnamon and crushed almonds, our apple crumble make a great mouth watering dessert. After dinner, a slice of apple crumble is just what one needs. One of the best accompaniments for a slice of apple crumble is a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The freezing coolness of the ice cream complements the warm apple crumble perfectly for that yin and yang balance. Whipped cream is another all time favourite.

Fondant Cake Pricing

Fondant cakes are not your average bakery, grocery store or discount warehouse cakes : ). Most custom sculpted 3D cakes require a denser cake to support the structure; therefore, not all flavours work with all cakes.

All of our works are hand-crafted and customized to your specific request. Each cake is baked fresh for your special order assured of best quality. No premixes are used. Cakes are priced on a per cake basis. There are many costs involved in creating your special cake including cake boards, cake boxes, dowels and other supports, colours, the cost of the fine ingredients in the cake and buttercream frosting as well as the fondant. Prices for all 3D and sculpted cakes start from RM180 onwards regardless of serving size due to the cost of materials used and hours of work 3D cakes take to create.

Since each cake is a one-of-a-kind creation that is made to order. The final cost of your cake is determined by many factors including: serving size, cake flavour, amount of tiers and figurines, toppers, fillings, complexity of design and how much fondant is used. But, the "wow factor" is always worth it!

Feel free to contact us for a quotation and cake recommendations.

Contact Us

If you would like to try one of our delicious cakes or need a quotation, please feel free to email us:

Alternatively, can call us at 012-4720858.

We deal in COD. Should you need us to deliver the cakes to your doorstep we charge a small fee of RM6 within Georgetown area. For outstation orders, you can either bank into our Maybank account or deal COD as well. 

Orders need to be placed minimum 3 days in advance for gourmet cakes and one week in advance for fondant cakes.

About Us

We are in the business of making delicious cakes and pastries. No matter who they are, people come to us for one reason only: to celebrate an important occasion or date with something very special. And that's what we do, and we enjoy making people smile.

We use the freshest ingredients and guaranteed baked from scratch. Simple housewife recipes. We do not use any kind of cake premixes.

We also appreciate all the support we get from our friends and wish to thank them for their sincere support and feedback.