Fondant Cake Pricing

Fondant cakes are not your average bakery, grocery store or discount warehouse cakes : ). Most custom sculpted 3D cakes require a denser cake to support the structure; therefore, not all flavours work with all cakes.

All of our works are hand-crafted and customized to your specific request. Each cake is baked fresh for your special order assured of best quality. No premixes are used. Cakes are priced on a per cake basis. There are many costs involved in creating your special cake including cake boards, cake boxes, dowels and other supports, colours, the cost of the fine ingredients in the cake and buttercream frosting as well as the fondant. Prices for all 3D and sculpted cakes start from RM180 onwards regardless of serving size due to the cost of materials used and hours of work 3D cakes take to create.

Since each cake is a one-of-a-kind creation that is made to order. The final cost of your cake is determined by many factors including: serving size, cake flavour, amount of tiers and figurines, toppers, fillings, complexity of design and how much fondant is used. But, the "wow factor" is always worth it!

Feel free to contact us for a quotation and cake recommendations.